Retail Customers

At Fazilas', we're proud to boast an ultimate product range that's not only unique in every sense, but unbeatable by anyone else in terms of the goodness we offer with the confidence that our entire range of products are filled with the freshest and finest ingredients available - making them mouthwateringly tasty on every occasion!

Not only do we supply Everybody's Favourites from decades ago; like the traditional Spring Rolls and Samosas, but we also create innovative products fusing various continents together as demonstrated by our fastest selling Pizza Range!
Have you tried them to know why they're so Hot?

Fazilas' have a team of Sales Representatives, employed purely to service the Northern parts of England and a team of authorised Distributors in the Middlands and Southern areas of the country to visit our retailers to replenish stock, as required while ensuring all our retailers are happy with their outputs though any of our independent retailers are welcome to contact our Sales Team to discuss their needs or observations, directly and the support available to them.

Unlike most other Ethnic Food Manufacturers, we also have an in-house Brand and Marketing Promotions Manager to ensure the Fazilas Brand continues to develop a market wide identity maintaining demand amongst our consumers to maximise your sales. And with our brand new, consumer friendly packaging and constantly updated POS Material including Posters, Stickers and Merchandising Guidelines, your customers are sure to make the right choice without having to ask!

For more information about becoming a retailer of "Everybody's Favourite!" ethnic frozen foods, contact our Sales Team

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