Food Outlets

With Shere Khan and Big Johns as some of our largest customers and a product range of more than 26 varieties that reach fast-food outlets including Schools and Colleges, our goodness and quality are probably self-explanatory - but if not we are confident the conversion rate of these outlets will speak alone!

With the recognition that each of our customers are different, and that most will vary in terms of the consumers they attract on a daily basis with each consumer demanding something different on every ocassion they visit, we work closely with our customers to understand the demands of their customer base and the best methods of complimenting your menu and devloping your uniqueness further to help you to become counted as one of Everybodys Favourite too!

We have a full range of great tasting, covenient products and a team bursting with experience and knowledge that are waiting to help you achieve that delicious status you have been hungry for since opening your outlet.


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